Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I'm horny,horny,horny,horny.

On Monday Anthony,Diesel,Rosie and Dylan had a big problem.

This long horned bull is not alone,he has two dozen friends lying down behind the crest of the hill.

They are right next to the footpath and bulls often don't like dogs.

The fence might make them look like they are in a different field but they are not,the field is L shaped.

Anthony's Standard Operational Procedure is to make the dogs sit and wait at the entrance to the field while he walks to the exit.

Then he calls the dogs who run past the cattle before they even notice them.

This is prime Cheshire countryside.

This is three vizslak taking full advantage of it.

Which is a perfect time for Anthony to test the "Lie down!" command.

This is the dogs demonstrating the "Run through long grass while jumping like kangaroos!" command.

This is the "Look so tired that Anthony has an excuse to go to the pub!" command.

This is three vizslak saying "I can't get a round in,I've forgotten my wallet!".

Strangely,the dogs say the same thing everytime they go to the pub.

The boys drank Rosie under the table.

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