Thursday, 28 May 2009

Hey,bird dogs get away from my quail

Sunday was the second day of Diesel's holiday with Rosie and Dylan but the first day his boss remembered to empty the memory card in his camera.

Diesel is a supersized vizsla.

The dogs cool down on one of the hottest days of the year so far.

This is a problem being solved.

The camera is near the exit to this field.

The way in is down hill on the left.

Usually there is a tape running up the middle of the field with horses on the far side.

But not today.

Anthony first saw a big fox in the field and when he got half way up the hill he found a lot of horses infront of him.

So he told the dogs to walk on the other side of the tape.

But today there was not one tape but two,running in parallel a short distance apart.

On the far side of the tapes there were even more horses.

The tapes made a corridor up to the top of the field but the exit was in the area where the horses were.

The horses had seen the dogs and come over to express their displeasure.

The dogs were told to sit and wait while their boss tried to lure the horses to another part of the field.

The horses had other ideas and stayed with the now surrounded dogs who waited patiently for a command.

With horses between them and the exit the dogs had to stay where they were.

Eventually the horses stopped following the dogs so closely and a gap appeared which was big enough to get the dogs to the exit.

This picture was taken just before the dogs were called over to the style.

The horses were more relaxed when the dogs were on the other side of the fence.

Thankfully,there were no horses in this field.

Rosie,Dylan and Diesel have just received a serious telling off.

In the foreground is a recently plucked and very worried pheasant.

Dylan had pointed the pheasant and when Rosie saw him she charged in and flushed it.

Then they started to chase it and Diesel (who knows better) joined in,all ignoring their boss when he shouted "Leave it!".

The bird only got a few feet off the ground before it was pulled down.

There then followed a comical sight as three excited dogs tried to get hold of the pheasant while an angry man tried to catch the dogs and fell over in the process.

This ended in the scene pictured above.

Three dogs being lectured on their etiquette while a worried pheasant waits until noboody is looking before running away minus many of it's feathers.

Dylan and Diesel would like to make it clear that this is not what it looks like.

They just happened to fall over at the same time and landed on the bed next to eachother.

They have reputations to maintain after all.

That is more like it,Diesel in bed with a pretty bitch.


Lola Holly Berry said...

Hi, This will sound strange, but I was the guy who stopped and spoke to you and Diesel today in Sutton.

I would like a bit of assistance to set up my blog if you dont mind.

Thansk in advance,



Lola Holly Berry

Diesel said...

Hello Tim,

I will have my man provide you with any assistance you may require.
What would you like to know?