Saturday, 15 December 2007

Don't fear the reaper

"Love of two is one,
Here but now they're gone,
Came the last night of sadness,
And it was clear he couldn't go on,
Then the door was open and the wind appeared,
The candles blew and then disappeared,
The curtains flew and then he appeared,
Saying don't be afraid.

Come on Ollie... And he had no fear,
And he ran to him... Then they started to fly,
They looked backward and said goodbye,
He had become like they are,
He had taken his hand,
He had become like they are.

Come on Ollie...don't fear the reaper."

Diesel and Oliver have been best friends since the moment they met.

They have both had issues with other dogs but never with eachother.

All they ever did together was run and play.

Diesel has a lot of friends but Ollie was his best friend.

They both lived next to the park and would have been best friends for the rest of their lives.

Yesterday they played in the park for the last time.

Oliver died last night.

He had a heart attack.

He was two years old.

These are the unedited pictures from their last walk.

On a cold Friday Diesel met Sally in the park.

Sally was with Lilly as usual.

Then they were joined by Diesel's best friend Oliver.

Diesel and Oliver played like they always had.

Oliver was much easier to see in the dark than Diesel.

Mysterious lights appeared in the park.

It was Fudge with his illuminated collar.

The boys got down to business.

Sally joined in too.

When the boys play,Sally likes to referee.

Lilly disappeared for a while.

Fudge doesn't often stand still.

He is like a grey torpedo coming out of the darkness.

Except when Anthony takes a picture of course.

Oliver doesn't look too good in this picture.

Ollie went back to doing what he and Diesel liked best.

They might not look very energetic but it was only possible to take pictures of the boys when they stopped for a few seconds.

Diesel and Oliver have a break for treats.

Fudge,stands still again,briefly.

Oliver always looked like a very fit and healthy boy.

He always gave Diesel a run for his money.

Oliver didn't like other dogs when he was on the lead.

But he was very good with Diesel.

This is the last we will ever see of Ollie.

Diesel and Anthony will miss him a lot.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Hello Alex and Ben!

Diesel,Rosie and Dylan would like to say hello to Alex and Ben who they met near Halebarns today,they hope they remembered your names correctly too!

There will be a full blog entry on this page when time permits.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

My doggy from Tokyo

Tuesday was warm and sunny.

Lilly,Sally,Taffy,Jake and Dylan were already in the park when Diesel arrived.

A very large Japanese akita was also there without it's owner.

This is the same dog Diesel had met previously.

The one Diesel had told off when it had come too close to him.

Today it wisely stayed away from Diesel.

It also stayed away from the other dogs who were big enough or old enough to tell it where to go.

However it did take an unwelcome interest in young Taffy.

He did his best to tell it to leave him alone,whilst also doing his best to run away.

Being stalked was too much even for gentle Taffy who had never been seen to bark in anger before.

A fight with an ownerless akita was an unsavoury prospect.

As everyone had their hands full with their own dogs,Anthony decided to take Diesel away and find help.

Soon the park rangers were there and the dog warden was on his way.

Taffy's owner Ron bravely seized the akita which turned out to be rather less fearsome than it looked.

In fact it was very friendly.

The akita's owner reportedly had left it in the park earlier and had already been called to get it once.

When it refused to go with him he left it a second time.

When the rangers took control of it,they borrowed Dylan's lead.

It did not want to go anywhere with them either.

It took them quite some time to take it away to the dog warden.

Who knows what happened to the akita after that.

With the drama over,the dogs cooled off in the lake.

Sally and Lilly like to paddle but don't swim much.

Jake and Diesel have their own way to dry off after a swim.

Dylan and Jake left Diesel a ball to play with.

Diesel doesn't usually like balls.

But he does like balls which squeak.

He spent a long time playing with this one.

He just kept squeaking it.

When he wasn't fetching it.

Diesel uses his paws almost like hands.

On the way home Diesel practiced his squirrel chasing.

Fortunately he never catches them.

Unfortunately he lost the sqeaky ball whilst chasing this one.

Monday, 10 September 2007

Love bites

He is back the dog behind the blog.

After an absence of over a month the adventures of Diesel can now resume.

Once in a park many weeks ago....

Ella used to bark at the big dogs and chase them away.

They let her chase them too.

But she stopped doing that when her friend Toby died.

She also stopped eating.

Diesel and his friends get treats to encourage Ella to eat.

On Monday,when they were getting treats Ella bit Diesel instead of barking at him.

Diesel was not expecting that and gave Ella a telling off.

Ella was not expecting that because Diesel always runs away when she barks at him.

Diesel is still recovering from his first bite but Ella did not injure him.

He still likes Ella but she does not like him at the moment.

Dylan,Jake,Lilly,Sally and Taffy soon arrived.

Lilly was accused of being on drugs (on prescription of course!).

She pleaded "Peace man!".

Jake and Diesel played tug of war for a change.

Sally was the referee.

This went on for quite a while.

Then they got back to their usual pursuits.

They had a break for lunch,it was Jake's turn to catch it.

Lilly "Chillin' man!".

Diesel doesn't often compete with Dylan for a stick.

Nor does anyone else for that matter.

Diesel demonstrating that discretion is the better part of valour.

Diesel and Jake always have a last play before they go their separate ways.

This fast food was not fast enough for someone,but it wasn't Diesel.

This is young Roxy.

She is a bull mastiff bitch.

Diesel has only met her a few times.

He likes her a lot when he gets used to her.