Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Helter skelter

On Wednesday,yes,this Wednesday,Diesel met Lilly,Sally and Taffy in the woods.

The dogs all waited patiently for permission to cross the road.

Then got down to business on the other side.

Diesel practiced his swimming.

While Taffy practiced not swimming.

Lilly has the only ball the dogs are interested in.

This handsome young man is Marley.

This was the first time anyone had met Marley.

He is officially only the second vizsla dog to ever be seen in the history of the park.

Which is quite impressive as the park is over five hundred years old.

Cassie was the second vizsla in the park,after Diesel,which makes Marley third overall.

Diesel did not like Marley of course.

Having two vizsla dogs in the park is just not on.

When everyone else had gone home,Diesel discovered this fine example of post modernist expressionism.

Or maybe it was a helter skelter.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

All right now,baby it's all right now!

Due to overwhelming demand from the public,we present:

"Tuesday In The Park"

This is not just any Tuesday,but actually today Tuesday.

Just three hours ago in fact.

Taffy greeted Diesel in the appropriate manner.

He is quite the young gentleman.

The boys then demonstrated the appropriate way to pose for PlayDog magazine.

This one will really impress the bitches.

When trying to impress bitches,it is best not to look desperate.

When trying to photograph dogs it is best not to have a full memory card.

At this point Lilly and Sally arrived.

Followed shortly afterwards by Pongo and Grace.

Grace only has two legs but is better at fetching than the dogs are.

Which is quite impressive as she is shorter than the dogs are.

She also looks rather fetching in wellingtons and waterproofs.

You would already know that if Anthony's memory card was not full.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

See our friends,see the sights,feel alright

Saturday was hot and sunny.

Diesel met one of his newest girlfriends.

Megan is a lovely little Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

She is the same age as Diesel.

Then it was out to the fields to chase hares.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Out in the fields,pointing has just begun

On Friday Diesel walked in the fields.

There are lots of things to point at in the long grass.

Diesel wonders just how long he has to stand still for photographs.

He can stand on a point for twenty minutes.

He also knows he should lie down after flushing Partridges.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Rolling,turning,diving,going in again!

Taffy was in the park on Thursday.

But he had to go home.

Which left Diesel,Dylan and Jake.

Guess who remembers his Green Cross Code?

This is quite possibly a dog.

But which dog it possibly is we do not know.

We do know which dog this is though.

It is Ella.

This one looks a little familiar too.

Dylan and Jake had new leads.

The boys tested them for safety.

You can't be too careful.

This is the tangle test.

Next the tug test.

Then the strain testing begins.

Finally,Dylan and Diesel conduct handling tests.

The lead passed it's tests but Diesel realised a system is only as strong as it's weakest link.

It was obviously very important to make sure Jake's neck was strong enough.

Neck testing had to be very thorough.

If Jake's neck was not up to the job,his head might fall off when the lead was pulled.

Diesel had to ensure rigorous test standards were adhered to.

He tested the side of Jak's neck.

Then he tested the throat.

A quick inspection was needed.

To make sure Jake's head was still working.