Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Helter skelter

On Wednesday,yes,this Wednesday,Diesel met Lilly,Sally and Taffy in the woods.

The dogs all waited patiently for permission to cross the road.

Then got down to business on the other side.

Diesel practiced his swimming.

While Taffy practiced not swimming.

Lilly has the only ball the dogs are interested in.

This handsome young man is Marley.

This was the first time anyone had met Marley.

He is officially only the second vizsla dog to ever be seen in the history of the park.

Which is quite impressive as the park is over five hundred years old.

Cassie was the second vizsla in the park,after Diesel,which makes Marley third overall.

Diesel did not like Marley of course.

Having two vizsla dogs in the park is just not on.

When everyone else had gone home,Diesel discovered this fine example of post modernist expressionism.

Or maybe it was a helter skelter.


Vigo said...

vigo hasn't swum yet either, though fell into the water a few times [maybe because of it] least we know she can swim.

new viz boy looks just like hamish did, then again, diesel also looks a bit like hamish...?

may this be a case of they all look alike?

Diesel said...

Hello Vigo,

has your owner tried throwing a ball in the water when you are really excited so you just run in and start swimming without realising it?

If that does not work,my boss recommends amphibious biscuits,he claims that is how he got me to swim becaue I was not interested in balls.