Friday, 31 August 2007

My name is Prince and I am funky!

Diesel's stitches were removed on wednesday evening.

Thursday was his first chance to play in twelve days!

But not many of his usual playmates were in the park.

Alfie and Dash are young miniature dashunds.

Diesel used to like them a lot when they were younger.

But now they are older and like to sniff him.

Diesel does not like that at all.

This is Alfie,he has Diesel's colour and his frown,even his ears fold back the same way.

Dash looks more like a mini Doberman than a mini vizsla.

Diesel once expressed his displeasure when Dash sniffed him.

Which is why Diesel is wearing his spray collar.

The boys are looking a little tired.

Diesel is a lot bigger than dash.

Diesel met Erin and Sue just as Dash and Alfie were leaving.

He would like to play with them but they usually chase him away.

Diesel rather likes being chased by girls.

Note the couple in the background,they walk around the park nearly every day.

Note also the lack of a barrier between the park and a dual carriageway.

Lilly can't play much as she is twelve years old but she would if she could.

Lilly and Sally are often followed by their stalker Paul.

Sally looks like a puppy but is seven years old.

She used to only play chase for a few seconds.

But today she played with Diesel a lot.

Even with the ladies present,Diesel is pointing out the rabbits.

What is this?

Anthony won't let Diesel swim yet but he can have a paddle.

This handsome young collie is Prince.

Diesel played with him a lot when they first met.

Until Prince got too friendly and Diesel told him off.

Now Prince is number one on Diesel's "Don't sniff me!" list.

He is a very nice dog but doesn't seem to understand what a growl means.

Prince has just recovered from a broken leg.

But Diesel did not do that.

Monday, 20 August 2007

Oh,oobee doo.I wanna be like you!

Monday was Diesel first walk since his operation.

He had to stay on the lead and was not allowed to play.

He was not very happy about that because a lot of his best friends were in the park.

First he met Lilly and Sally.

Then they met Taffy.

Who was with Fudge.

Jake and Dylan were with them too.


Then Diva and Lord Layland Patrick Rocco Bond (The First) arrived.

This is Fudge with Layland,this is also the first time Layland had met the boys.

Dylan had other things on his mind as usual.

Layland is very good when he wants a biscuit.

Diesel could not get off his lead to play.

So he barked instead which he doesn't usually do.

This is the first time they had met this young Rhodesian ridgeback bitch.

Maybe she was a black nosed vizsla?

Anthony tried hard not to ask when her ridge grows out.

Fudge likes the water but does not swim yet.

Diva,Taffy and Oliver only go this deep too.

Will Fudge be the first to swim?

Diva,Layland and Jake.

Jake,Dylan,Fudge,Layland and Diva.

How did Layland learn how to get biscuits?

Jake gives the youngster expert tuition.

I wanna be like you.

I wanna walk like you.

Talk like you, too.

Diesel,Diva,Jake and Layland want a biscuit.

Dylan just wants someone to throw his ball.

Anthony exorcises Layland's demons.

Diesel is past help.

Layland really wants to be like Fudge.

Dylan really wants that ball.

But he is too much of a gentleman to take it off Diva.

Oliver,Diesel's most favourite best friend joins the party.

But Diesel still can't play.

When there is no lake to retreive from,Dylan improvises.

This is Pongo who is very sweet,despite his name.

Diesel has only met Pongo a few times but he likes him a lot.

Sunday, 19 August 2007


Diesel came home from the vets on Sunday.

He is sleeping off his anaesthetic.

The vet has cut away the strip of skin that was hanging off.

Diesel has never been so quiet.

He is working on his "sympathy" face.

Saturday, 18 August 2007

If you want blood.You got it!

Today is Saturday.

Diesel is not at home.

He will not be home again until tomorrow.

This is the first time in nearly six months that Diesel has not spent all day with Anthony.

Today Diesel went for his walk in the park as usual.

He met his friend Taffy.

Then he met Dingo (also known as Brandy).

Diesel was with Dingo for over an hour.

He has met her many times before.

But today Dingo bit him as he ran past.

He will be at the vets until he is patched up.

Diesel in the rain.

Diesel spots something.

It's Taffy!

Diesel points just to make sure we can see the big orange ball.

Taffy poses inbetween showing Diesel how to fetch.

Taffy,wet and handsome,no wonder Sally fancies him.

Taffy about to go home "voluntarily".

This is Brandy,also known as Dingo.

Anthony and Diesel both thought Dingo was a friendly dog until today.

Diesel does his best puppy face.

He used to frown all the time but now he does not do it often.

This is the last picture of Diesel's left side before Dingo ripped it open an hour later.