Tuesday, 25 May 2010

It's been a hard day's walk

Tuesday was hot and overcast,Diesel had his usual three hour walk.
Then he retired to his new favourite place for his usual after walk nap and slept like a log.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Tie me kangaroos dog,sport

It was hot again on Thursday.

The horses were sporting the latest fashions.

Somewhere in this picture is a Dylan.

The dogs practiced their jumping on the small jumps.

Then Rosie and Dylan tried a jump that was taller than them.

Diesel cleared it easily.

Dylan is the most independent of the dogs.

Time for a rest and a drink.

Then more kangaroo hopping.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Hey,bird dogs get away from my quail

Sunday was the second day of Diesel's holiday with Rosie and Dylan but the first day his boss remembered to empty the memory card in his camera.

Diesel is a supersized vizsla.

The dogs cool down on one of the hottest days of the year so far.

This is a problem being solved.

The camera is near the exit to this field.

The way in is down hill on the left.

Usually there is a tape running up the middle of the field with horses on the far side.

But not today.

Anthony first saw a big fox in the field and when he got half way up the hill he found a lot of horses infront of him.

So he told the dogs to walk on the other side of the tape.

But today there was not one tape but two,running in parallel a short distance apart.

On the far side of the tapes there were even more horses.

The tapes made a corridor up to the top of the field but the exit was in the area where the horses were.

The horses had seen the dogs and come over to express their displeasure.

The dogs were told to sit and wait while their boss tried to lure the horses to another part of the field.

The horses had other ideas and stayed with the now surrounded dogs who waited patiently for a command.

With horses between them and the exit the dogs had to stay where they were.

Eventually the horses stopped following the dogs so closely and a gap appeared which was big enough to get the dogs to the exit.

This picture was taken just before the dogs were called over to the style.

The horses were more relaxed when the dogs were on the other side of the fence.

Thankfully,there were no horses in this field.

Rosie,Dylan and Diesel have just received a serious telling off.

In the foreground is a recently plucked and very worried pheasant.

Dylan had pointed the pheasant and when Rosie saw him she charged in and flushed it.

Then they started to chase it and Diesel (who knows better) joined in,all ignoring their boss when he shouted "Leave it!".

The bird only got a few feet off the ground before it was pulled down.

There then followed a comical sight as three excited dogs tried to get hold of the pheasant while an angry man tried to catch the dogs and fell over in the process.

This ended in the scene pictured above.

Three dogs being lectured on their etiquette while a worried pheasant waits until noboody is looking before running away minus many of it's feathers.

Dylan and Diesel would like to make it clear that this is not what it looks like.

They just happened to fall over at the same time and landed on the bed next to eachother.

They have reputations to maintain after all.

That is more like it,Diesel in bed with a pretty bitch.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Ride on

On Wednesday Anthony and the dogs saw the future of suburban transport.

Horses,ridden by pretty blondes in jodhpurs who know what vizslak are and think Rosie,Dylan and Diesel are really well trained.

Anthony rather likes the future of suburban transport.

Rosie,Dylan and Diesel rather like jumping over horsey things.

The dogs made their boss very proud today.

This picture was taken a few seconds after they flushed the same pheasant they plucked on Sunday.

If it isn't the same pheasant them someone else has plucked another pheasant in the same place.

This time though the dogs stayed and sat when they were told to.

It is amazing the difference a really big telling off makes.

After all that running and flushing the dogs needed a drink.

This is a very special house,bats live there.

There are three vizslak in this picture but they can only be seen when they pop up like kangaroos.

The black thing in the bushes is a crow the dogs found on the way home,it looked like it was injured and ran into the bushes when the dogs came near.

This is Tiggy who lives with Rosie and Dylan.

The bartender's working on a late night shift

Tuesday's walk started with the usual swim in the river.

After two years,Diesel has recently decided he does fetch balls,as long as they are squidgee.

The dogs each take turns to get the ball.

Anthony decided it was easier to go around the field full of horses today.

The horses are friendlier when the dogs are outside their field.

Dylan is more interested in finding ducks than fetching balls.

The dogs insisted on staying in the pub for a few hours after their walk.

Anthony was glad the dogs were there because later he needed them to carry him home.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I'm horny,horny,horny,horny.

On Monday Anthony,Diesel,Rosie and Dylan had a big problem.

This long horned bull is not alone,he has two dozen friends lying down behind the crest of the hill.

They are right next to the footpath and bulls often don't like dogs.

The fence might make them look like they are in a different field but they are not,the field is L shaped.

Anthony's Standard Operational Procedure is to make the dogs sit and wait at the entrance to the field while he walks to the exit.

Then he calls the dogs who run past the cattle before they even notice them.

This is prime Cheshire countryside.

This is three vizslak taking full advantage of it.

Which is a perfect time for Anthony to test the "Lie down!" command.

This is the dogs demonstrating the "Run through long grass while jumping like kangaroos!" command.

This is the "Look so tired that Anthony has an excuse to go to the pub!" command.

This is three vizslak saying "I can't get a round in,I've forgotten my wallet!".

Strangely,the dogs say the same thing everytime they go to the pub.

The boys drank Rosie under the table.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Helter skelter

On Wednesday,yes,this Wednesday,Diesel met Lilly,Sally and Taffy in the woods.

The dogs all waited patiently for permission to cross the road.

Then got down to business on the other side.

Diesel practiced his swimming.

While Taffy practiced not swimming.

Lilly has the only ball the dogs are interested in.

This handsome young man is Marley.

This was the first time anyone had met Marley.

He is officially only the second vizsla dog to ever be seen in the history of the park.

Which is quite impressive as the park is over five hundred years old.

Cassie was the second vizsla in the park,after Diesel,which makes Marley third overall.

Diesel did not like Marley of course.

Having two vizsla dogs in the park is just not on.

When everyone else had gone home,Diesel discovered this fine example of post modernist expressionism.

Or maybe it was a helter skelter.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

All right now,baby it's all right now!

Due to overwhelming demand from the public,we present:

"Tuesday In The Park"

This is not just any Tuesday,but actually today Tuesday.

Just three hours ago in fact.

Taffy greeted Diesel in the appropriate manner.

He is quite the young gentleman.

The boys then demonstrated the appropriate way to pose for PlayDog magazine.

This one will really impress the bitches.

When trying to impress bitches,it is best not to look desperate.

When trying to photograph dogs it is best not to have a full memory card.

At this point Lilly and Sally arrived.

Followed shortly afterwards by Pongo and Grace.

Grace only has two legs but is better at fetching than the dogs are.

Which is quite impressive as she is shorter than the dogs are.

She also looks rather fetching in wellingtons and waterproofs.

You would already know that if Anthony's memory card was not full.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

See our friends,see the sights,feel alright

Saturday was hot and sunny.

Diesel met one of his newest girlfriends.

Megan is a lovely little Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

She is the same age as Diesel.

Then it was out to the fields to chase hares.