Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Ride on

On Wednesday Anthony and the dogs saw the future of suburban transport.

Horses,ridden by pretty blondes in jodhpurs who know what vizslak are and think Rosie,Dylan and Diesel are really well trained.

Anthony rather likes the future of suburban transport.

Rosie,Dylan and Diesel rather like jumping over horsey things.

The dogs made their boss very proud today.

This picture was taken a few seconds after they flushed the same pheasant they plucked on Sunday.

If it isn't the same pheasant them someone else has plucked another pheasant in the same place.

This time though the dogs stayed and sat when they were told to.

It is amazing the difference a really big telling off makes.

After all that running and flushing the dogs needed a drink.

This is a very special house,bats live there.

There are three vizslak in this picture but they can only be seen when they pop up like kangaroos.

The black thing in the bushes is a crow the dogs found on the way home,it looked like it was injured and ran into the bushes when the dogs came near.

This is Tiggy who lives with Rosie and Dylan.

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